Sound meditation to harmonize the seven chakras. Sound compositions designed for each energetic center, using the healing vibrations from Hang drum, shaman drum, flutes, Tibetan bowls, voices… bringing the Sound Therapy benefits.
It’s a powerfull and fresh sonic journey, a dynamic meditation for everyone with active individual participation in different physical and respiratory movement appropiate to each chakra. While working with the 7 chakras, you can bring more attention to one specific energetic centre, dedicate the time and focus to one chakra and unblock energy flow. Helps to muting mental noise and dissolve energetic and physical body blockages, bringing a warm feeling of unity.
The duration of the meditation is minimum 45 minutes and maximum 2 hours. It requires a closed place for a good and intensive sound quality. It can also be carried out outdoors in a quiet space.
This activity is carried out by two professionals: Elena Teixidor and another musician. It is highly recommended for yoga retreats, silent retreats, events, and group healing.