The powerful wisdom of plants and minerals


The powerful wisdom of plants and minerals

Esential Oils


15ml: Available single composes or full kit.
9ml: Only available full kit version.

A unique combination of 100% organic essential oils from a selected range of plants with specific minerals specially designed for each energy centre. Apply a drop from a meditative state, conscious breathing and internal smile.
Its topical use is focal in specific points on relates the chakra. I suggest to add an extra use: prepare a solution in a neutral oil (almond or coconut) in a ratio of 1 ml – 1 drop. For example, add 50 drops to a bottle of neutral oil and you will obtain an ideal compound for after showering and generic nourishment of the whole body.

Self Reactivation Peeling

To purify, strengthen and revitalize the physical, energetic and mental – emotional body. Is a self- peeling, full body exfoliation, using the 7 chakras aromatherapy with almond and avocado oil as a basis to which Himalayan salt (85 minerals) is added.
 Ideal for groups as a unique and playful activity full of joy and healing qualities.
The morning is an ideal time for this session because it has a very energetic and activating feeling. It is possible to do inside or outside as at the beach, but it is essential to have showers or sea, for the final cleaning of the oil. The approximate duration is 1h.30.

For individual or group sessions.


Regenerates skin organ (2nd lung) and activates the pores and cells.
Detox and remineralize, cleansing and activating your energetic potential.
Expand consciousness to unconditional love and joy.)


Singles or couples

To purify, strengthen and revitalize the physical, energetic and mental – emotional body with the properties of the aromatherapy. An hour of meditative, relaxing and energizing massage where the oils and compounds for the chakras are applicated on the whole body while breathing consciously.
This session has the option to be accompanied by the harmonised qualities of music instruments, adding the Sound therapy benefits. A very deep state of relaxation, clarity and presence is experienced. This massage has the option to be individual or for couples. The magical couple’s session is relaxing and calming, very similar to the single session benefits… ideal for preparing for intimacy whether physical and/or spiritual contact.
The session takes place in a soft and sensual atmosphere. It is held by two specialized Rainbow Therapy masseurs.