Tantric Polarity Breath



From a calm and save space, we will learn the different way of breathing from the masculine and feminine polarity. First each one, separately…observing the possible blockages and sensations. In a second phase, these breaths will intertwin in a wave of energy in the couple. It is to become aware of the other from my own centre and to dissolve into unity.

The depth of this session and the work with the chakras and breath will depend on how familiar you are with these themes. It is a meditation that is ideally covered in several sessions.


Aromatherapy & Sound will be present during the session. A unique combination of essential oils, designed for men and woman, bringing clarity and space in to the Heart center.
Gongs, quartz and Tibetan bowls, Hang drum.

“An ancient tantric breath technique, a microcosmic orbit version which integrates the masculine-feminine energetic polarities.
The electromagnetic field manifests itself differently in men and women. Learn how to unify the field through a beautiful breath technique.”